island flora

The Island Flora collection features the striking imprints of summer flora that has been foraged and homegrown around Cape Cod. The focus is on achieving quite literal imprints and markings from leaves and flowers, while creating unique prints through the process of thoughtfully laying the flora onto the fabric. to create intriguing prints and colors.


earthly delights

The Earthly Delights collection celebrates the striking colors achievable by dyeing silks exclusively with plants and flowers. Rather. each piece is a mosaic of color and print. The silks were first dyed a solid color derived from nature such as quebracho rojo (pink), turmeric (yellow) brazilwood (fuchsia) and indigo. Roses, hibiscus, lavender, marigold and calendula were then laid onto the dyed silk, bundled and steamed to imbue their pigment and unique markings, marking each piece singular and dynamic.