CCK03: Organic cotton/bamboo eco-printed kimono

CCK03: Organic cotton/bamboo eco-printed kimono


The Cape Cod kimonos feature the striking imprints of early summer flora that has been foraged around Cape Cod. This botanical edition features a playful pattern of raspberry leaves amongst wild flowers. Comprised of a soft yet structured organic cotton/bamboo blend with a dramatic kimono drop sleeve.

One size (suitable for XS—XL)

Length: Approximately 44” long

Material: Organic cotton/bamboo blend

Ready to ship immediately: Only 1 available

Care: treat me like a vintage heirloom to preserve longevity. Avoid washing and spot clean with warm water. If necessary this item can be soaked in cool water with ph-neutral soap and hung to dry. Ironing after is key—iron inside-out on a cotton setting with steam.

How is this made? Flora Obscura items go through a multi-step process. The silk is first imbued with flowers through a steaming process, next its dyed or hand painted with natural dyes. Once it's reached the desired color palate, the silk is then cut and sewn into a garment. Each piece is made from start to finish by the same pair of hands. Colorful surprises and attractive inconsistencies occur in the dye process, making each item one-of-a-kind, painterly and alluring, as nature intends.

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