RK07 Roses and green leaf kimono robe dyed with botanicals

RK07 Roses and green leaf kimono robe dyed with botanicals


A lovely draped kimono robe imprinted with the charming markings of roses, rose leaves and pops of hibiscus flowers. Super soft with a medium-weight and excellent drape. Comes with sash.

Size: One size (suitable for XS-XXL)

Length: 50” long

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Material: Rayon, feels like silk broadcloth or a lovingly lived-in cotton, also known as viscose, is a reprocessed cellulose fiber, made from wood pulp. It was the first manufactured fiber, and yet, since it is made of cellulose, it dyes and feels like a natural fiber. It absorbs moisture from the skin like cotton.

How is this made? Flora Obscura items go through a multi-step process. The silk is first imbued with flowers through a steaming process, next its dyed or hand painted with natural dyes. Once it's reached the desired color palate, the silk is then cut and sewn into a garment. Each piece is made from start to finish by the same pair of hands. Colorful surprises and attractive inconsistencies occur in the dye process, making each item one-of-a-kind, painterly and alluring, as nature intends.

Care: Care: When rayon is wet, it can be torn or abraded very easily. This is the main reason why rayon is often labeled "dry clean only". It is safer to hand wash separately with COLD water and to avoid a machine wash. If you do machine wash, wash it alone and use the delicate cycle with ph-neutral soap and cold water. Never wash rayon with heavier garments, such as blue jeans. Steam out wrinkles with iron.

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