CCK05 Silk crepe kimono: Powdery blue, silver, rose

CCK05 Silk crepe kimono: Powdery blue, silver, rose


The Cape Cod kimonos feature the striking imprints of early summer flora that has been foraged around Cape Cod—the literal imprints of flora are permanently absorbed into the silk. This soft silk crepe kimono is imbued with the imprints of sumac leaves, raspberry leaves and wildflowers.

Size 1: XS-XL (up to 44" bust)

Length: 20” from shoulder to hem, sleeve 18” from shoulder to band

Flora Obscura items are one-of-a-kind, only one available.

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Material: A beautiful, luxurious, medium-weight silk crepe de chine. All of our silk is garment-washed, so it has a subtle, lustrous yet matte finish. Ultra soft finish, durable and opaque, drapes and flows like liquid.

Measurements: Shoulder to front hem: 20", Shoulder to back hem: 21", Armpit to armpit: 20"

How is this made? Flora Obscura items go through a multi-step process. The silk is first imbued with flowers through a steaming process, next its dyed or hand painted with natural dyes. Once it's reached the desired color palate, the silk is then cut and sewn into a garment. Each piece is made from start to finish by the same pair of hands. Colorful surprises and attractive inconsistencies occur in the dye process, making each item one-of-a-kind, painterly and alluring, as nature intends. 

Care: This is a natural fiber, so wash and wear will likely cause slight changes like subtle fading and softening over time. Washing by hand in cold water with ph-neutral soap and washing only when necessary will minimize this. Hems, necklines, and sleeves will wrinkle - press with steam to shape and they'll return to pristine, crisp edges. Or, wear it wrinkled. We love the look of this fabric rumpled and soft. Despite its strength, silk is not particularly resistant to abrasion, so be mindful of high friction areas, and sunlight will weaken the protein-based fiber, so if you prefer to air-dry your clothing do so out of direct sunlight.

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